Friday, April 4, 2008

Some of My Sims Characters

Some of my sims characters (couples)

There are some of my sims characters that I am playing on now. They are living in their own home lot except couples or married - they are living together. Sometime I could not really focus on which lots I would like to play :p Some of them have some pets too, mostly cat tho coz I like cat lol.

Since playing The Sims2, I have put in countless amount of hours creating sim characters, buying them houses, building them houses, decorating their houses, making them friends, have an active romantic life and moving them up the ol' career ladder. After getting The Sims2 expantion packs, I have put in countless amount of hours buying my sims cute little pets, and having them a business and running it, etc. Since I have 'Open Business' expansion pack, I like to run a business for them, starting with home business then move it to the community lots.

They are still single but have the chemistry to each other and date

As all sims player knows, the Sims 2 puts you in control of little people and it is your job to guide them through their everyday lives. This includes feeding them, going to work, going to the bathroom, sleeping and so on. You can build your dream house and then fill it with all sorts of furniture, plumbing fixtures, electronics, and other goodies.

The real magic of The Sims has always been the interaction between the sims living in your little fantasy world, though, and socializing is the most entertaining part of the whole experience. You can talk to other sims in order to make new friends or even enemies and you have a large number of conversation options that allow you to direct your relationship with a particular sim any way you want. You can even eventually get married and having childrens.

They are couples

Sims, like people, need things to get by, and must have some direction. Luckily, there's a wealth of information at your disposal, so you'll always know what to do to lead a Sim in the direction you want him or her to go.


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