Friday, April 11, 2008

Shopping For Business

I like shopping!
Well.. who doesn't? lol most of women loves it, no? It is fun and healthy (except for your wallet lol).

So I went shopping with my friend. We spent about 5 hours around the shopping area. We were looking for some cute stuff to sell it again. Actually we were shopping for our new business. So can you imagine it.. it is more fun for shopping to get more money lol. Business for pleasure.. nanana.. lalalaaa... :p

Hair accessories

Mobile accessories

Well actually, we dunno yet what would be happened in the future lol .. We just starting this business idea with small amount - thanks for 'someone' who have joined and trust us and give support, which is we really need it :p Hope so we will be success like others and getting bigger.. Oh Dio.. I am dreaming again..! Wake up! lol.

Necklace plus earings (right picture)

Necklace and earing

There are still more cute stuff but I am tired to upload it all here lol.
Just wish us Good Luck! lol

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