Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Sims, Bobby is a Captain Hero

Captain Hero outfit

I got one of my sim characters as a Captain Hero for his job. Bobby Italiano is a Captain Hero. He has a lovely house and family. I will tell more about his family but now I wanna talk about his job.

He looks so heroic in it hu! :p

When playing Sims 2 your character or your family’s characters will have to get a job in a career field of their choice. No matter what job you pick, you will earn money to spend as you wish. When playing this game earning money is one of the most important objectives in the game because you will need to spend money to live as well as to have fun except you cheat of course :-\

Do you know how this Captain Hero go to work? He is flying! :p Cool hu!

Okay the video capture is not so good, but you got the idea how he flies :p (yea it is winter)

Captain Hero is the last Level on the Law Enforcer Track. Even tho it is one of the lowest-paying pinnacle careers. Bobby earns §1225 for his hard works. He is going to work for few hours in 4 days a week. But don't worry.. his wife, Gadis has a better salary as an Education Minister - §3450. So they still able to spend more for living or even go for holiday as they like :p

Bobby Italiano as a Police Chief

This is a list of all the jobs related to the law enforcement career including wages

School Crossing Guard §45
Parking Lot Attendant §75
Security Guard §336
Security Guard §448
Patrol Officer §552
Desk Sergeant §616
Vice Squad §686
Detective §756
Lieutenant §826
SWAT Team §875
Police Chief §910
Captain Hero §1225

Don't worry.. Captain Hero will save the world!

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