Thursday, March 28, 2013

Farewell My Lovely Cat, Torie

Today I just lost my precious cat, Torie aka Toriko. He died on the 27th March 2013.

It was my dreamed to have black and white cat. Then finally found him about 13 years ago. He was just a little homeless kitty when brought to our home. He was always beside me when I needed a good company. When my brother called me and told me that mom died at the hospital about 9 years ago, I was alone and could not think of something else but holding him in my arms :(

 Torie in his territory

 I remember when I took him to my internet cafe to accompany me when I slept there alone. He was so little and so cute :) Will always keep his memories. Oh I missed him already.

I luv you :)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mango - The Queen of Fruits

I eat this.. It's taste sweet. I prefer peeled like that. Easier to eat :p

Mango is one of the most exotic fruits and in my humble opinion also the most delicious fruit and make it as one of my favorite fruit. Beside its delicious, I read it somewhere that mango provides more carotinoids than other fruits and low in calories. Mango also helps to lower cholesterol, the fiber content is a wonderful aid to digestion regularity and they are rich in the vitamins A and C.

That's my hand trying to reach the mangoes, wanted to pinch it lol

Okay .. Now ..
These pictures were taken few months ago.. umm in September of 2008. Quite long time ago but just now I am in the mood to post it on this blog :p yea yea .. I admit that I am just lazy! lol.. Using my mobile camera I took some picture from the moment when my sister and I were harvesting mango fruit from its tree.

One of the ladders I was using to get on the tree

This is the second ladders lol

In the sunny morning day, my sister insisted me to help her to harvest mango fruit. Using ladders and long pole we were ready to have fun. Well actually the tree itself is not too tall, the ladder just to make it easier for me to climb it :p So it was a busy day. We laughed a lot and argued about which mangoes were ready to harvest. Once my sister took mangoes which not ready to harvest yet and she said... "I am going to hide this one or else daddy will get mad coz this one is still far from ripe" hehe..

It looks green but in few more days it will be ripe and so we could send it to our neighbors

One of my cat, Menaw.. being a curious cat.. checking what was my sister doing with those greens lol.. "would I get my share?"

Well actually there are few indicators to tell when your mangoes are ready to harvest. The appearance of the mango fruit skin is the first sign. The skin will looks a bit duller or dark green, unless the mango is already yellow on the tree (depend on the mango type. In Indonesia this one is called "Mangga Arumanis") :p Another step in deciding if mango fruit is ready for harvest is to look at the mango stem. Its shoulders will rise above the stem end, making a small indentation or pit around the stem.

But we could not really look at its stem from bellow coz some of the mangoes were too high even we used ladder :p alright I was the one whose get on the tree and used the long pole to reach it the mangoes. Meanwhile my sister would catches the mangoes I gave her. Actually were almost to harvest all the fruit lol coz the bats would take it as you can see it on the picture here.

See what I meant? a bat took it first.. This one would go to the trash. The skin was green but its ripe inside.

Don't you like this queen of the fruits?

Well I am tired and sleepy now.. So I wanna go to sleep :p Gnight