Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sell at Sunday Market

Sunday Market at Metro supermarket parking area.

There is another Market to add to the excitement... The Sunday Market.
Every Sunday morning, an outdoor market with a large number of stalls selling a wide range of beautifully hand-crafted works, jewelry, food, toys, books, second-hand goods, flowers, clothes to shoes & a wide variety of goods; the market has it all at variety and bargain prices. It is a good place to buy the local products, where shoppers can browse among the stalls. Even tho, there are also goods with export quality.

Usually Sunday market is located at the supermarket parking area or a public field or park. There is so many people at the Sunday Market. They usually go with their family or friends for some sport activity like jogging or just for shopping like I usually do :p

My stall was where I stood when taking the pictures :p Those two guys next to my stall was selling DVD and computer games where I bought one of the Sims2 expansion pack the seasons

Actually last Sunday was the second time my friend and I tried our luck to sell the products at Sunday Market and we achievement sold some of t-shirt and mobile phone accessories. We didn't sell anything on the first time we started to sell it at Sunday Market (different place) :p Next Sunday we will try another place lol.

T-shirt - we only sell good quality products with very cheap prices

I didn't have experience on this business before. So this is new and I found it very interesting and so much fun. So many funny things happened during the selling time lol. Some of them tried to bargain even we already set the price by wrote it on a big paper in a very cheap price which we expected would not need to deal with a bargain customers :p The lady insisted for Rp. 500 (Rupiah (Rp.) = Indonesia currency) less of the price lol but we won! roaar...

Price tag - very cheap prices

Mobile phone accessories - more colors are available

Opening Hours: Sundays from 6:00 til 12:00

Friday, April 11, 2008

Shopping For Business

I like shopping!
Well.. who doesn't? lol most of women loves it, no? It is fun and healthy (except for your wallet lol).

So I went shopping with my friend. We spent about 5 hours around the shopping area. We were looking for some cute stuff to sell it again. Actually we were shopping for our new business. So can you imagine it.. it is more fun for shopping to get more money lol. Business for pleasure.. nanana.. lalalaaa... :p

Hair accessories

Mobile accessories

Well actually, we dunno yet what would be happened in the future lol .. We just starting this business idea with small amount - thanks for 'someone' who have joined and trust us and give support, which is we really need it :p Hope so we will be success like others and getting bigger.. Oh Dio.. I am dreaming again..! Wake up! lol.

Necklace plus earings (right picture)

Necklace and earing

There are still more cute stuff but I am tired to upload it all here lol.
Just wish us Good Luck! lol

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Have Fun at Ancol Jakarta

Ancol Beach

Ancol Beach is located in the north of Jakarta. Nearby the beach located an amusement park which you will enjoy and so your family.

This is my favorite picture :)

Ancol is Jakarta's largest and most popular recreation park. Used to be known as "Jaya Ancol Dreamland" (Taman Impian jaya Ancol), its extensive range of attractions includes sea and fresh water aquariums, swimming pools, an artificial lagoon for fishing and boating, a bowling alley, as well as an assortment of nightclubs restaurants, and massage parlors.

You can moving around inside Ancol Bay area by using a car, take a walk or ride a shuttle car which already provided. Inside Ancol Jakarta BayCity area, you will find several hotels such as Raddin Hotel, Wisata Hotel, Mercure Hotel and Putri Duyung Cottages with varied price and facilities.

Aaah.. They are my family couldn't decide whether to go to the Sea-World or beach or dunno :p

I took few pictures from the area when my family and I were going there. It was one day trip as I am living in Bandung and had to go back to Bandung in the evening. Actually the main purpose to Jakarta was visiting my young brother who works in Jakarta. Then we decided to go to Ancol as we thought, lots of things to do in there and my nephews wanted to go to Sea-World again. But their mom wasn't agree because they just been there last month. She wanted to go to the beach area which is not too far from the restaurant at the Sea-World area where we had lunch.

The view from the sea

The dock made of wood, half circling the beach

This is built in the middle of the dock

At the Ancol beach, we just looked around and enjoyed the view and atmosphere there. Some guys offered us for boat ride to see the view from the sea. But we didn't go on it because the wave was a bit too strong. So we just walked along the dock. It was amazing. It made on the sea and the middle on it, there is a restaurant. I dunno whyI like the dock :p and I always tried to take some picture of it when I saw it and of course when I had my camera lol.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Some of My Sims Characters

Some of my sims characters (couples)

There are some of my sims characters that I am playing on now. They are living in their own home lot except couples or married - they are living together. Sometime I could not really focus on which lots I would like to play :p Some of them have some pets too, mostly cat tho coz I like cat lol.

Since playing The Sims2, I have put in countless amount of hours creating sim characters, buying them houses, building them houses, decorating their houses, making them friends, have an active romantic life and moving them up the ol' career ladder. After getting The Sims2 expantion packs, I have put in countless amount of hours buying my sims cute little pets, and having them a business and running it, etc. Since I have 'Open Business' expansion pack, I like to run a business for them, starting with home business then move it to the community lots.

They are still single but have the chemistry to each other and date

As all sims player knows, the Sims 2 puts you in control of little people and it is your job to guide them through their everyday lives. This includes feeding them, going to work, going to the bathroom, sleeping and so on. You can build your dream house and then fill it with all sorts of furniture, plumbing fixtures, electronics, and other goodies.

The real magic of The Sims has always been the interaction between the sims living in your little fantasy world, though, and socializing is the most entertaining part of the whole experience. You can talk to other sims in order to make new friends or even enemies and you have a large number of conversation options that allow you to direct your relationship with a particular sim any way you want. You can even eventually get married and having childrens.

They are couples

Sims, like people, need things to get by, and must have some direction. Luckily, there's a wealth of information at your disposal, so you'll always know what to do to lead a Sim in the direction you want him or her to go.