Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Have Fun at Ancol Jakarta

Ancol Beach

Ancol Beach is located in the north of Jakarta. Nearby the beach located an amusement park which you will enjoy and so your family.

This is my favorite picture :)

Ancol is Jakarta's largest and most popular recreation park. Used to be known as "Jaya Ancol Dreamland" (Taman Impian jaya Ancol), its extensive range of attractions includes sea and fresh water aquariums, swimming pools, an artificial lagoon for fishing and boating, a bowling alley, as well as an assortment of nightclubs restaurants, and massage parlors.

You can moving around inside Ancol Bay area by using a car, take a walk or ride a shuttle car which already provided. Inside Ancol Jakarta BayCity area, you will find several hotels such as Raddin Hotel, Wisata Hotel, Mercure Hotel and Putri Duyung Cottages with varied price and facilities.

Aaah.. They are my family couldn't decide whether to go to the Sea-World or beach or dunno :p

I took few pictures from the area when my family and I were going there. It was one day trip as I am living in Bandung and had to go back to Bandung in the evening. Actually the main purpose to Jakarta was visiting my young brother who works in Jakarta. Then we decided to go to Ancol as we thought, lots of things to do in there and my nephews wanted to go to Sea-World again. But their mom wasn't agree because they just been there last month. She wanted to go to the beach area which is not too far from the restaurant at the Sea-World area where we had lunch.

The view from the sea

The dock made of wood, half circling the beach

This is built in the middle of the dock

At the Ancol beach, we just looked around and enjoyed the view and atmosphere there. Some guys offered us for boat ride to see the view from the sea. But we didn't go on it because the wave was a bit too strong. So we just walked along the dock. It was amazing. It made on the sea and the middle on it, there is a restaurant. I dunno whyI like the dock :p and I always tried to take some picture of it when I saw it and of course when I had my camera lol.


  1. Hi, what is the song playing on the blog background. I have a special feeling towards this song although I dn't ndertand the meaning...

  2. Good pics, thank you for sharing! I really found this place so great and so did my family…there were so many attractions so we ended up extending our stay at one of the Jakarta hotels.