Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I Actually Plan My Packing

I like traveling :)

Beside the holiday itself, getting my stuff in a rolling suitcase (coming home is different story lol) is quite fun for me. It is exciting to do and makes me confused as well. That explains why I pack about three to four days before departure and sometime I write lists as well. They says .. “If you think about what you are packing, you are more economical” umm is it true? I don’t know.

Minimal packing is about being smart, not stingy or feel hideous all day. Take things you love and feel great in. I take things I can wear certain outfits by day and night – versatile pieces that I can mix and match. It’s the basics: anything that’s easy to pack and doesn’t wrinkle – you don’t want to lose valuable sightseeing or shopping time ironing linen, do you? :p

Likely to be included on my holiday favourite are jeans, shorts, sleepwear, praywear, scarf for the accessories, a book, 2 sunglasses (sometime I wanna changed), big hat, comfortable sandals, 2 pears of fun earrings, small casual bag, cosmetics compartments - one for beauty-care, make-up and bath stuff) – this takes more space than others lol.

Mostly I pack in section – jeans and pants in one, t-shirts in another and in the top inside plastic bag I put underwear (just in case if I travel by the plan and I need to open the suitcase at the airport for a security checking or other case and I don’t want my underwear fall on the floor lol). I like to separate things so I can find where they are immediately.

And not to forget, I mark my luggage with colorful ribbon to help me identify my luggage on the conveyor belt. That way, when the luggage is coming through the conveyor belt I won't be looking for a specific type of luggage but rather a particular type of ribbon on the luggage. So I won't have to fight for a position among all the other travelers, less stressful lol.

“Look great at your destination, holiday or business, without overloading”

Happy Traveling!

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