Friday, February 27, 2009

My First Payment From Google Adsense Via Western Union (WU)

I checked my Google Adsense account under Payment History this morning and found that it was available to pick up. It awesome, I was happy but same time a bit confused since this would be my first time to received the payment from Google Adsense via Western Union (WU). Before I received it via check (cheque) which was more procedures to pick it up.

Since Google Adsense announced (7th Feb 2009) that Western Union now available in Indonesia as a new payment method, I changed my Payment Detail immediately. And walaaa.. I found the information that says my payment is available for pick-up included the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) - which you'll need it to pick-up the payment - and the amount (in US$). Also sender's information which is Google Inc.

Well I was excited :p

So this morning I had my first experience to cash my Google Adsense earnings via Western Union. Before I decided to pick it up at one of WU agents here, I tried to track it on Western Union website for transfer status. I entered the MTCN and sender name, but it says "..We do not have an order with the provided information...". I twisted the sender first and last name but still the same. So I thought.. "Well I will just go to Bank Mandiri (which also has WU service and the closest one) and see what happen" :p

I wrote down the information detail which I would need later such as MTCN, sender's information, payment amount, and my national ID (KTP). I will be costs Rp. 6,000 for seal to indicate payment (materai).
So I am ready!

At the Bank Mandiri, no need to wait that long for them to call my q number coz not so much people made the transactions at that time. Good! So I told the staff that I am picking up Western Union payment from Google. I told them that I tried to track it on WU website and couldn't find it. So the girl said.. okay lemme check it first through the MTCN. I gave her the MTCN and she searched it. And she said... Its available to pick-up. So then I filled the WU form she gave me with my details and sender's detail which is first name: Google, last name: Inc., also the MTCN and the amount (don't worry you will receive the money in your currency). I gave my ID to her to copy it. Few signs and lil chit chat with the girl about Google and stuff (well I know her lol) and Done! She said I can pick it up at the teller.

I smiled and said thank you :p

As it says.. This payment method is quick, easy, and free. Best of all, you'll no longer need to wait for checks to arrive in the mail or to clear at the bank.

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  1. Hey, congratulations on you!

    I agree, WU payment method is very quick and easy and also FREE. I got paid from google through it once and now, I am waiting for my payment from last month's earning and it will be in WU again. So wish me luck! :)