Thursday, July 10, 2008

Going Uphill to Mt. Tangkuban Perahu

Mount Tangkuban Perahu is one of tourist favorite spots when visit Bandung. This time I had a visitor, a friend from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) who wanted to go for volcano activity. A fun crazy gurl aka "idoleyes" :p
Well no problem.. I was ready for the action! lol.
But first we had to think how to get to Tangkuban Perahu, whether to call a rental car or just get taxi. Later after few thinking and consideration we ended up to rent an "angkot" (Angkutan Kota - a public transport in Bandung) which arranged by another friend (too bad she couldn't join us that time, coz not feeling well). Thought that would be cheaper compare to other transports. The fare agreement with the driver was Rp.150.000,- back and forth (after all we paid Rp.50.000,- more lol) - oh it was exclude the entry fee.

This is the kind of angkot we had to Tangkuban Perahu (but not that one) - just driver and his friend, my friend and I :p

Well even the car seat wasn't so comfortable and no air conditioner but it was okay lol we still enjoyed the scenery.. vegetables and flowers farm and the weather was nice too. Because it was Sunday (also school holidays) so the traffic was quite crowd and the driver took a shortcut road. I wasn't so sure whether it was faster or just took longer to reach Tangkuban Perahu lol. I didn't really care about it coz I was busy talking and enjoying the view with my friend.

Domas Crater - with a small souvenir stall at the entrance to the crater. The bottle you can see on the pic are sulfur mud which are believed a good medicine for rheumatism, skin complaints or treatments.

Short story, we arrived at the volcano area, we decided - well I did :p - to start the journey from "Domas Crater" (Kawah Domas) which is one of the craters. We took the short way to get there which is not too far from the road.. This is the most easily accessible to get to Domas crater. I asked the angkot driver to wait us at the car park uphill where the main crater, "Queen Crater" (Kawah Ratu) could be seen.
Some vender tried to sell their stuff to us with a high price :) they thought I was a tourist too.. so I had to say.. "Nope I am a local" .. then spoke Sundanese :p
One vender wanted to sell a stone as big as chicken egg for Rp.250.000 ... O_o aw! That is too much for that stone.. So I just tried to bargain for Rp.40.000 hehe.. and then he said.. okay for 100 then 50 etc.. meanwhile we kept walking away :p Idoleyes wasn't so interested to buy it tho.

The first thing to strike you on the approach to the active crater is the stench of sulfur. Then you will see boiling hot water, bubbling mud and hissing sulfur vapor. Below is a short video of Domas crater..

Can you hear it hissing? O_O

Near the entrance, there is a stall selling snacks and drinks. There you can buy eggs so that you can put them into the boiling water. Need about 10 minutes until they are cooked. So imagine the water is hot :p But you will still able to soak your feet in the hot spring which is not too hot to relax you a bit. But I didn't do it there lol too many feet in that small pond :p

Closer - Boiling eggs in hot geyser till it cooked.

Ready for some hiking? :p
The way down from Kawah Ratu to Kawah Domas via a forest is about 1.2 km (or vice versa). So if you are planning to go to Kawah Domas, make sure you are quite physically fit and your knee joints are strong enough. It is an up and down terrain with uneven surfaces. Even tho you always able to take some rest during the hike, just sit for awhile :)
Or maybe some people who is crossing you will asks whether it is still far or closer :p Just give them some positive support lol. Like when Idoleyes kept asking "How many long to go?" ... I said.. "10 meters.. well each 10 meter or less you can take some rest" :p
And yes we did take lots of rest.. Well I didn't complain about it.. I needed it as well haha..

Going down to Kawah Domas

Going up to Kawah Ratu (same route)

This is what you will see :) Beautiful view when taking some rest at the canteen on the way to the summit (or down to Domas crater) worth seeing hu :p

Finally when we approached the summit.. We saw our driver :p and he said.. why so long? lol..
Oh well.. couldn't blame him to ask that lol.. took about hmmm I guess maybe more than an hour to get there.. maybe 2?? O_o (That was why we gave Rp.50.000 more to him haha..)
In fact.. It's only need about 30 minutes from the top to Kawah Domas, but that because goes down.. Not the same when it is step climbing, more tiring (an excuse) :p
Oh forgot to say.. there was 2 boys who was following us since we arrived. They are the venders but quite nice too coz they were helping us alot.. well Idoleyes hehe.. *Hi sis! :)

Then for that she bought a souvenir of 20 key-chains from that boy.. and thats too much lol and not bought anything from the other one. Not interested and too expensive for a bracelet :p Oh well..

So then without looking any other souvenir which are so many stalls there.. We decided just went back to the hotel.. Was too exhausted.

I was happy for Idoleyes .. she made it! Shes kewl. I was worried abit coz she had to catch her flight next day to go back home hehehe my bad :-\

Now shes home :p (*peace!!)

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