Monday, March 24, 2008

Video of My Cats - Kiddy VS Goldy

Wrestle of Two Warriors - Kiddy VS Goldy
Just an amateur video from mobile camera. No editing yet coz I don't know how :)
The stars are "Kiddy" - white and grey mixed semi-longhair and "Goldy" - Orange tabby shorthair.

Kiddy was starting it when he jumped on Goldy's back - he always makes the first moves :) and Goldy got really annoyed and attacked him back. If you heard some backsound, it was from my nephew who was playing Tenchu - playstation. As you can see on the background, there were playstation sticks :p

Just another day.. I was going out and found them on the fight position.. Maybe one of them wanted to revenge for the previous fight :p But again.. its not finish yet.. To be continue..

More useful information including pictures of cats: Kitty Cat Meow

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  1. Great videos you took. And don't mind, I am also an idiot when it comes to video editing :-) My cats are doing the same. They like to do it most when it comes to sleeping time. Then it's really fun for them to make lots of noise.