Monday, January 19, 2009

My Cat Gave Birth to Cute Kittens

All the kittens are cute! *meows {=^:^=}

Wow my female cat, Minaw just gave birth to 2 cute kittens this morning, 19th January 2009. I woke up and opened the garage and walked to the kitchen to prepare the food for today as usual. Then my dad told me about that. he said.. "our cat just gave birth and she is outside now in stone flower pot by the window." So then I hurry up to check on her and I found her there cuddling with her babies.

She is nursing the baby while another one is sleeping :)

First thing I wanted to know how many kittens she born. Yeah 2 kittens as I already guessed during her pregnancy. One is black and the other one is gray in color just like the mom. They already cleaned and the gray one was sucking the nipple meanwhile the black one was sleeping.

Actually this is the 3rd time she gave birth. But her babies from the previous birth died before they had chance to grow up :( Well It was the sad part.

Hallo Minaw.. Gmorning mommy.. :)

Minow was looking at me when I checked on them hehehe.. I dunno whether she worried if I would take her babies, but she looks so relax. So I guess she didn't think I was disturbing them. And I just looked .. no touching. So I ran to get my camera and took some picture of them :p and I keep checking on them time to time hehe..

Looks from the other side :p

Btw.. I didn't see Goldy (my other cat, male) around this morning O_o and it's a bit unusual. I wanna know what Goldy will reacts toward Minaw's babies. I don't want him to attack them or do something bad.. I will introduce him to the new comers :p and I will find a better place for the family and a better blanket to keep them warm..

Minaw and her cute babies with rooster sound background lol, morning 20 Jan 2009.


  1. Awww.. so cute!

    Our cat just gave birth as well.. Congrats to both of them... :)