Thursday, August 28, 2008

On and Off Feelings Toward Langkawi Island

About time!

Just now I feel wanted to share my experiences about my traveling abroad.. and I chose to write about Langkawi Island as the start even tho its not the first destination of my traveling abroad coz that would be Kuala Lumpur. As I started my journey from Bandung - my home city - so Kuala Lumpur is the only way out abroad from Bandung.

Arming myself with only my camera phone, I am ready!
Will just mix the pictures I took during my holiday. Since I didn't take much pictures so I will take some from my previous trip hehe..

Sunset Pantai Cenang (Cenang Beach) Langkawi, Malaysia (pic taken in 2007)

The reason I am writing about Langkawi now coz I just came back from there not long time ago. Actually I have been to Langkawi few times. Everytime I went to Malaysia, would spend time in Langkawi for few days or so.. just because Hani likes it there. But the last time was the longest time I stayed in Langkawi.. and that made me sick and bored. Actually I like Langkawi.. first because its beach then foods..

Different color effect from my mobile camera lol strange..
(pic taken in 2007)

I like beach! Not for laying down for sunbath.. No.. I don't need sunbath coz I already have my tanned skin :p and no I didn't swim either last time.. lol. Actually I like to swim on the sea but not alone.. Hani doesn't really fancy on swimming. I don't mind swimming in the pool alone like I used to do that bcoz no friends that really likes to go swimming here.. even tho that would be more fun if I have company.

After sunset. See what I meant? Its blue now which I like :p Crazy camera
(pic taken in 2007)

So my favourite things to do there was.. walking along the beach - yeah its a long sandy beach of Cenang Beach (Pantai Cenang) - and sometime stopped to collect some seashell. Even tho.. I didn't spend too much time on the beach coz the weather were too hot, sweating alot.. well its always hot in Langkawi.. felt like the sun burned inside me too. So just walked on the beach around sunset then had dinner at the restaurant near by the beach. After that would have a little walk before heading back to the hotel.

Langkawi is an island with very few places to spend a night drinkin' and dancin' even tho theres more bars opened now.. But since I don't drink and don't like bars so I just stayed in room sleeping.. Actually I would love to spend more time on the beach in the evening even just sit but didn't have company and I was too afraid to sit alone :-/ while Hani was prefer with friends.. So since my schedules just sleep and dining out then sleep for almost.. a month?! That made Langkawi really turn me off. I always feel wanted to excape from there. If I could scream... Borrrrrrriiiiiiiiing to the death! Langkawi really made me sick! I wanna go home!

But then.. WAIT!
When I met its foods there.. Hmmm seafoods really works to change my mind :p I wanted to stay.. Fresh fishes you can choose what you like it to be cooked, grill, steam, fried or fresh.. O_o naaah lol I am not into shushi stuff hehe.. So our favorite are steam and grill.. yummmy! But they don't have sauce or chilli that really match with the grill fish.. Well not what I like.. In Indo.. they serve grill fish with "sambal" (chilli something) or kechup mixed with fresh green chillis, onion, garlic, lemon etc.. Much better! Well I will tell more about Langkawi cuisine later.

Gotta clean your dirty clothes at Langkawi Laundry. No ironing :p

Okay now..
I have to admit.. I ate chocolate almost everyday. Don't blame me! chocolate is everywhere there. There is Duty Free shops nearby. Lots of chocolate variety you can choose. From Belgian, Swiss to local. But I stick on Australia Cadburry Dairy Milk Cashew, 250g for RM 8 at our fav shop, other shop is RM 8.50 even at Duty-Free shop in Kuah lol and Tobleron White Chocoalate Swiss, its white so creamy :p So who can say No :p I brought 9 Tobleron and 3 Cadburry - thanks Han to get it for me - to share it with friends and family at home even tho mostly I was the one who ate it more lol.

The Zon Duty-Free Shopping Complex in Underwater World Langkawi
(recent pic, 2008 lol)

Lots of shops and stalls lined on both sides of Pantai Cenang Road which sell mostly souvenirs in the form of fashion accessories, beads, handicrafts and merchandise also many convenience stores. Also the Zon Duty-Free Shopping Complex in Underwater World Langkawi.

But Night Market (Pasar Malam) is my favourite place to visit. Actually there is Daily Tourist Night Market in Cenang too just diagonally opposite Underwater World and directly opposite Papadam Ria Indian Cuisine Restaurant. Night market in Kedawang is my fav coz its the nearest one from the hotel and been there before :) Always looking for 'sate' lol I like 'sate'.. but not only that I also got chicken grilled and eat it while browsing the stalls so no bargaining lol..

So will I come back to Langkawi Island next time?... Only God Knows

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