Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sell at Sunday Market

Sunday Market at Metro supermarket parking area.

There is another Market to add to the excitement... The Sunday Market.
Every Sunday morning, an outdoor market with a large number of stalls selling a wide range of beautifully hand-crafted works, jewelry, food, toys, books, second-hand goods, flowers, clothes to shoes & a wide variety of goods; the market has it all at variety and bargain prices. It is a good place to buy the local products, where shoppers can browse among the stalls. Even tho, there are also goods with export quality.

Usually Sunday market is located at the supermarket parking area or a public field or park. There is so many people at the Sunday Market. They usually go with their family or friends for some sport activity like jogging or just for shopping like I usually do :p

My stall was where I stood when taking the pictures :p Those two guys next to my stall was selling DVD and computer games where I bought one of the Sims2 expansion pack the seasons

Actually last Sunday was the second time my friend and I tried our luck to sell the products at Sunday Market and we achievement sold some of t-shirt and mobile phone accessories. We didn't sell anything on the first time we started to sell it at Sunday Market (different place) :p Next Sunday we will try another place lol.

T-shirt - we only sell good quality products with very cheap prices

I didn't have experience on this business before. So this is new and I found it very interesting and so much fun. So many funny things happened during the selling time lol. Some of them tried to bargain even we already set the price by wrote it on a big paper in a very cheap price which we expected would not need to deal with a bargain customers :p The lady insisted for Rp. 500 (Rupiah (Rp.) = Indonesia currency) less of the price lol but we won! roaar...

Price tag - very cheap prices

Mobile phone accessories - more colors are available

Opening Hours: Sundays from 6:00 til 12:00

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  1. hi blue smiley,
    hope to visit your stall next sunday 11 May 2008.