Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wild Horse on the River Cross-Stitch Pattern

Pheew >_< finally I have finished making this cross stitch project. It took me about one month and few days to finish it. I started to make it at the same day I bought its cross stitch kit and almost everyday I worked on it except to do chores or was out. Yeah I was abit in rush to finish it because I wanted it done faster before my trip (yes I am going somewhere.. )

Wild Horse on the River Cross-Stitch Pattern

But this is worthy.. I feel so happy and great after I finished it and stare at the pattern. It looks so beautiful and nice also looks so natural even it just made of flosses. I imagine what if it is in a beautiful carving frame and hang on the wall.. I believe it would be looked so great. I didn't have it in a frame because I made this cross stitch not for myself but for a friend who ordered it. So actually I have got some advantage to make this project which are... first, because cross stitch is my hobby so I really enjoyed to work on it and second, I would get paid for this :p Doesn't it great? First time I will get paid for making cross stitch. Usually I made cross stitch just for myself for the decoration at home, a gift for friends and family, or helping them to make it :) My father loves landscape patterns while my mom loved landscape and flowers, etc and myself.. I love everything and make it :p

Unfinished project

Actually, this project supposed to be made by my friend and me, because we make this for our business too. But since my friend was busy and out of town, so I started it first and finished it alone before my friend returned (honestly I am happy to finish it alone.. Dunno why.. But I sometime couldn't trust others to do stuff like this lol shhhhh..)

I don't mind for more cross stitch projects :p

Wanna buy it? Yes - No

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  1. It is a beautifulproject and would look fantastic framed